Michigan, United States


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Latitude: 44.2502806, Longitude: -85.5002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Agnes  Feb 1861Michigan, United States I5502 Ancestry 
2 Anna (2)  1873Michigan, United States I8413 Ancestry 
3 Clara V.  1868Michigan, United States I8353 Ancestry 
4 Della  1906Michigan, United States I8443 Ancestry 
5 Dora  1876Michigan, United States I8587 Ancestry 
6 Edith M.  1867Michigan, United States I2282 Ancestry 
7 Elizabth P. (3)  1856Michigan, United States I8356 Ancestry 
8 Emeline E.  1886Michigan, United States I9303 Ancestry 
9 Ephraim  1843Michigan, United States I3892 Ancestry 
10 Evelyn  1912Michigan, United States I9356 Ancestry 
11 Frances  1847Michigan, United States I8127 Ancestry 
12 Frances  1908Michigan, United States I8408 Ancestry 
13 Freda  1902Michigan, United States I8449 Ancestry 
14 Lillian  1865Michigan, United States I8037 Ancestry 
15 Margaret  1915Michigan, United States I8440 Ancestry 
16 William P.  1869Michigan, United States I9217 Ancestry 
17 ALPERS, Anna  1861Michigan, United States I8748 Ancestry 
18 ALPERS, Anna M. (1)  1863Michigan, United States I8335 Ancestry 
19 ALPERS, Herman  1867Michigan, United States I8739 Ancestry 
20 AYMER, Ella Hazel  1890Michigan, United States I5713 Ancestry 
21 AYMER, Maurice  1855Michigan, United States I8036 Ancestry 
22 BARNES, Mary Azuba  1880Michigan, United States I5702 Ancestry 
23 BARNEY, Gertrude Louise  17 May 1901Michigan, United States I9033 Ancestry 
24 BEBOW, Anna  1891Michigan, United States I7734 Ancestry 
25 BEBOW, Clyde Wilber  18 Feb 1910Michigan, United States I4465 Ancestry 
26 BEBOW, Emma  1902Michigan, United States I7738 Ancestry 
27 BEBOW, Frederick Jr.  1895Michigan, United States I7736 Ancestry 
28 BEBOW, Gerald W.  31 Jan 1933Michigan, United States I8591 Ancestry 
29 BEBOW, Martin  1898Michigan, United States I7737 Ancestry 
30 BEBOW, Mary  1893Michigan, United States I7735 Ancestry 
31 BEBOW, Pauline Dell  30 Jun 1931Michigan, United States I8590 Ancestry 
32 BEBOW, Willard Lawrence  21 May 1934Michigan, United States I8592 Ancestry 
33 BELITZ, Cora A.  1891Michigan, United States I9351 Ancestry 
34 BELITZ, Elmer A.  1 Dec 1905Michigan, United States I9350 Ancestry 
35 BELITZ, Elsie M.  1893Michigan, United States I9352 Ancestry 
36 BELITZ, Henry C.  1863Michigan, United States I9348 Ancestry 
37 BERGER, Elizabeth  Nov 1853Michigan, United States I2476 Ancestry 
38 BRADLEY, Hattie Belle  10 Aug 1874Michigan, United States I333 Ancestry 
39 BRADLEY, Leslie D.  1878Michigan, United States I7621 Ancestry 
40 BRAZEE, Eileen  1910Michigan, United States I9553 Ancestry 
41 BRAZEE, Gladys  1903Michigan, United States I9552 Ancestry 
42 BRAZEE, V. Halsey  1878Michigan, United States I9529 Ancestry 
43 BRIMMER, Lydia Selina  1850Michigan, United States I2779 Ancestry 
44 BRIMMER, Marion Elisabeth  1849Michigan, United States I2778 Ancestry 
45 BROADHEAD, Charles  1862Michigan, United States I7413 Ancestry 
46 BROADHEAD, Cora L.  1865Michigan, United States I7414 Ancestry 
47 BROADHEAD, Harriet  1910Michigan, United States I7447 Ancestry 
48 BROADHEAD, Hattie  1868Michigan, United States I332 Ancestry 
49 BROADHEAD, Hazel  1902Michigan, United States I7444 Ancestry 
50 BROADHEAD, Helen  1898Michigan, United States I7443 Ancestry 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUDNA, Frances  10 Aug 1965Michigan, United States I4722 Ancestry 
2 FRANCIS, Alfred Justin  1909Michigan, United States I2767 Ancestry 
3 GACKELER, Hattie  Michigan, United States I1805 Ancestry 
4 PUTNEY, Abram  14 Dec 1889Michigan, United States I2458 Ancestry 
5 PUTNEY, Adla  16 Aug 1891Michigan, United States I2326 Ancestry 
6 TOMPKINS, Rebecca  8 Apr 1891Michigan, United States I2459 Ancestry 
7 WALLACE, Esther  Michigan, United States I4179 Ancestry 
8 WALLACE, Sabra  Michigan, United States I4180 Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft    Person ID   Tree 
1 GAGE, William A.  Jun 1863Michigan, United States I217 Ancestry 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 WORRELL, Frederick Strayer  1985Michigan, United States I897 Ancestry 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 INGERSOLL / DUKE  22 Apr 1934Michigan, United States F675 Ancestry 
2 INGERSOLL / HERRINGTON  1855Michigan, United States F1741 Ancestry 
3 INGERSOLL / THOMPSON  1958Michigan, United States F883 Ancestry 
4 THIES / WENTHY  1850Michigan, United States F2796 Ancestry