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Cadwallader Home

Albert Cadwallader Home 1885

The home of Albert Cadwallader was built in 1885. Albert purchased the land, including the meadow across the alley in back, from Edward Watson Chapin on March 28, 1885 for $1300. William C. Lawson owned the land beyond the meadow to the south. The house is located at 250 Center St. in Milton, PA, and is still in good condition, but the wraparound porch has been removed.

On the porch: Maid; Seth Iredell Cadwallader; Elsie Supplee; Mary Louisa Cadwallader; Albert Cadwallader; Annie Louisa (Supplee) Cadwallader. On the lawn: Austin Cadwallader; Irene Candor; Gertrude, Kate, and Bertha Cadwallader. The house was sold on April 9, 1909 to George N. Krause for $4800. Albert probably used the money to help finance his construction of the Milton Realty building at the corner of Front Street and Broadway, which was completed in 1910.