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Harry Martin Hill

Harry Martin Hill 1878 - 1951

Harry Martin Hill was born Apr 30, 1878 in Milton, PA. He was the youngest of seven children of Seth Comly Hill and Rachel Angeny. As a child, he lived on the Heinen farm, where his father worked as manager of the farm and dairy of William Heinen. He attended the Heinen's Addition school at 397-399 Park Avenue, then the Milton High School on Center St., graduating in 1897.

On May 21, 1898, he married Mary Louisa Cadwallader, daughter of Albert Cadwallader and Anna Louisa Supplee. He enlisted in the military May 7, 1898 for service in the Spanish American War, was sent to Camp Alger, VA, and was discharged on October 12, 1898.

They lived at 59 S. Front St. in 1900, 36 Stanton Ave. from 1900 to 1911, then at 740 N. Front street. He worked as a warehouse clerk at Reid Tobacco Co. from approximately 1898 to 1915, then went to work at Milton Manufacturing (shell plant) for about 3 years during WWI. After the war, he worked for Shipper's Car Line until retirement. He took a part-time job as custodian at Lincoln St. School during retirement. He was elected Commander of the Henry McCollin Camp, United Spanish War Veterans on December 8, 1931.

Harry died on Sep 29, 1951, and was buried in the Milton Cemetery. He fell and broke his hip while descending the stairs at his home. His son, Laurence, who was visiting with his family in Milton at the time, took him to Geisinger Hospital in Danville, where he was treated. He was later moved to a Veteran's Hospital in Lebanon, PA, where he died from a blood clot resulting from the surgery to put a pin in his hip. The last time Laurence saw him, Harry asked, "why did you do this for me?" Laurence replied, "because you're my father", an indication of the estrangement between them.