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Map - Land of Henry B. Hill

Map - Land of Henry B. Hill 1846

This land is located on the south side of the city of Lockport, Niagara Co., NY. Henry and his wife Mariah (Stahl) moved with their son George from Lewis Twp., Northumberland Co., PA to Lockport, probably in the summer of 1845. They had sold their farm in Lewis Twp. on March 28, 1845.

They owned the property in Lockport until February 25, 1863. It was mortgaged several times, so they were apparently having financial problems during those years.

At the time they sold the farm in Lockport, they bought a property of 20 acres in Hartland, a few miles NE of Lockport. The next record of them is in East New Market, Dorchester Co., MD in 1880. Son George had a wife and two daughters in NY. They disappeared from the records after the 1870 census, then appeared in Italy, Yates Co., NY. Their second daughter, Lucinda, appears living with her grandparents in East New Market in 1880. The parents and older daughter may have died in the 1870s.

Map - Lockport NY

Map of Lockport, NY 1860

The land of Henry B. Hill is shown underlined with present-day road names added.