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Map - Land of Reuben Haines

Land of Reuben Haines

This land is located in what is now Turbot Township, Northumberland County, PA. Reuben Haines is not our ancestor, but the tract in the middle was eventually sold to George Hammond, who is our ancestor. He was the father of Elizabeth Hammond, the wife of Seth Cadwallader of Milton. Haines was one of many speculators who bought up the land in the area when the Philadelphia Land Office opened on April 3, 1769. The history below is provided as background. It shows some of the influence of wealthy Quaker businessmen on the development of the Milton area. The Cadwalladers were also Quakers.

Reuben Haines was a wealthy brewer and Quaker from Philadelphia. He owned the Wyck house. The Wyck House, also called the Haines House and the Hans Millan House, is a historic mansion, museum, garden, and home farm in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.

Wyck's earliest owner was Hans Milan, a Quaker who came from Germany and was a descendant of a Swiss Mennonite family. His daughter, Margaret, married a Dutch Quaker named Dirk Jansen, a linen weaver who prospered in the first half of the 18th-century. Their daughter, Catherine, married Caspar Wistar, a German who became a Quaker and amassed a sizable fortune as a button maker, glassmaker and investor in land.

In the next generation, Margaret Wistar married Reuben Haines I, a brewer and merchant of English descent. Their son Caspar Wistar Haines continued the family businesses and married Hannah Marshall, a member of another Quaker family.

Joseph Jacob Wallis was the half-brother of Samuel Wallis, a surveyor and owner of thousands of acres of land in the Muncy Valley, Lycoming County. Joseph married Elizabeth Lukens, a Quaker, and lived in Sunbury for a time.

Uriah Woolman was a Quaker and Philadelphia businessman, originally from NJ.

The maps and information came from the original land warrants in the archives at Harrisburg. There are also deed book and page numbers in the title history for most of the tracts.