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Mary Louisa Cadwallader

Mary Louisa Cadwallader 1878 - 1962

Mary Louisa Cadwallader was born Feb 21, 1878, the fifth of seven children of Albert Cadwallader and Anna Louisa Supplee. Mary wanted very much to attend college, but her older sister, Gertrude, who had the opportunity, spent too much time having fun, and not enough time studying. As a result, their very strict father decided that none of the other girls would be given the opportunity. Instead, her father bought her the house at 738-740 N. Front Street in Milton, where she lived with her husband and raised their family. Mary was a warm and loving mother to her children, and was a well-liked and respected person in town. She encouraged her children to attend college, and with her help and support, five of the seven did. As a young adult, Mary was afflicted with severe rheumatoid arthritis, which crippled her back and hands, and caused her much pain. She died on Dec 21, 1962 at the Dent Nursing Home in Bloomsburg, PA, and is buried in the Milton Cemetery.