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Rachel Angeny

Rachel Angeny 1840 - 1926

Rachel was born on Feb 24,1840, the daughter of Abraham Angeny and Leah Fretz of Bedminster Township, Bucks County, PA. She had 7 sisters and one brother: Anna, Barbara, Eva, Martin, Leah, Abigail, Katherine, and Mary. Her family lived on the property known as Angeny's Mill, and attended the Deep Run East Mennonite Church. In the spring of 1848, they moved to New Columbia, Union Co., PA. In 1859 they moved again to Milton, PA, where Rachel became active in the Baptist church. She was married to Seth Comly Hill on Oct 3, 1861. They had seven children: Raymond, Clara, Kate, Alice, Bessie, William, and Harry. She died on Sep 9, 1926 and was buried next to her husband in the Harmony cemetery in Milton, PA.